Since childhood, I’ve found sunglasses to be enchanting. There’s something fascinating about how putting on just one accessory can be such a transformative experience. You miraculously feel a shift taking on a new look that's rockstar-esque, just-a-touch feminine, a little punk, or uber chic. Growing up I fell in love with being able to reinvent and reinterpret myself while feeling uninhibited—all with one accessory. Sunglasses.

I founded transparent in 2020 because I saw a need for a forward-thinking brand that encourages creating personal style. Transparent’s approach to sunglasses is to ignite the excitement in creating statement looks to reinforce the confidence to be yourself unapologetically.

A tremendous amount of thought and personal touches are incorporated into my designs, and I love seeing personalities come to life when they go on. It’s truly what inspires and motivates me. I hope you enjoy the transparent effect!

Cheers from TX,

Sunglasses change everything. They have the power to transform your mood and allow your light to shine through.


NEW Standard

With an eye on functionality, we utilize TAC lens technology, which provides superior clarity, 100% UVA & UVB protection, and seven layers of polarization.

One should never sacrifice fashion for function!


TAC (triacetate cellulose) lenses are a special design made of primarily biodegradable polymer film that is the same that is used for photographic film and electronic screens. The optical quality of TAC lenses is most comparable to glass, allowing brilliant color enhancement with the functional benefit of cutting out vertical and horizontal oriented light that causes glare.

All transparent frames are paired with top quality UV protective, lightweight, scratch and impact resistant 7 layer TAC polarized lenses.

WITH Purpose

The heart of our creative process is guided by inspiration found in exotic locales, iconic music, and impactful literature—all of which merge beautifully into our frames and create a work of art for your face.