I came across your shades through Poison drummer, Rikki Rockett's, post. I love rock n' roll fashion, and your glasses are right up my alley! Gained yourself a new loyal customer.  - Janine


These are great glasses with great clarity with the lenses. I love mine. - Patrick


My husband liked my glasses so much he stole them! - Liz


I totally support your product. The lenses are the best! So over all those other name brands glasses. Bye bye Oakley, Ray Ban, Costa! - Anabel


These sunglasses are awesome!! For someone that has an incurable vision problem aggravated by the sun and flourescent lights they are a MUST. It's been impossible to find ones that work no matter the cost or the brand and forget fashion. I am so glad I gave these a shot. I love them!! - Melanie


OMG these shades are incredible, love em. - Jay


The glasses are beautiful! They have such a glamorous edge to them. Thanks again for the great service! - Laura


Love them! - Melinda