transparent: allowing light to pass through so that objects can be distinctly seen

"Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had this passion for eyewear.  I believe sunglasses are THE punctuation of personality ... and it's about time we had more fun celebrating who we are" - Margot, Founder

In 2019, Margot founded transparent because she recognized the need for a an eyewear brand that provides more than just a great pair of shades. Designing unique frames that make a statement, she is committed to igniting confidence, inspiring individuality and encouraging people to discover new ways of expressing themselves. Each pair has a purpose and a story. And, because transparency is all about being human, each frame is named for a person she imagines wearing them: musicians, friends, actors, book characters, and even family members.

One month after launch, transparent was invited to be the exclusive sunglasses company at the 2020 GRAMMY'S. This premiere launched Margot into collaborations with musicians such as Poison Drummer/ Rikki Rockett, Broadway Star/ Haley Swindal,  Skid Row Founder/ Rachel Bolan, Hip Hop Artist Khujo of Goodie Mob and more...