Ever since she was a little girl, Margot Hogan has had a passion for sunglasses. "I've always been known for my eyewear. It's almost like it's my signature look. I get so much joy out of expressing myself with sunglasses and I wanted to create a brand that ignites fun and confidence in others as well," says Hogan.

In 2019, she launched transparent sunglasses with the determination that you shouldn't need any brand name but your own to feel stylish. "Transparent, by definition, means allowing light to pass through so that objects can be distinctly seen. The idea is to encourage transparency, celebrating who you are with the style of sunglasses you wear," she says. Margot sketched designs on her bedroom floor for months - and the bold looks caught the attention of the music industry. "One month after our official launch, I premiered transparent at the 2020 GRAMMY's,"shares Margot. The brand quickly gained exposure and soon she was collaborating with rockstars.

"A lot of people ask what makes us different. It's simple. We're committed to creating a unique experience with each pair. There's a story behind each design, and personality in every detail."